Saturday, July 2, 2016

Bears Ears

A summer evening stop between the Ears.
Up the dirt road to Bears Ears. To those iconic buttes (flat topped mountains) that are the focus of some political discussion these days. Things change, after all.

So let's go. Let's get out of this high desert summer heat. Up in elevation, and it won't take long. Not around here.

Crossing the National Forest boundary.
There's road dust behind me, even though I'm going slowly. It's been hot and dry around these parts lately. I slow down even more as I approach some folks going the other way. They wave and say "How are you doing?"

The East Ear, in summer afternoon light.
I pass between the Ears. Visitors, when viewing them from below, are startled to find out there is a road that goes right between them.

The shade of a Pinyon pine tree below the Bears Ears.
On the north side of the Ears, I once again do my best to savor the high mountain meadow scenery.

East Bears Ears Butte, from Elk Ridge.
The lupine were blooming in the high meadow. As usual I couldn't help but stop to admire.

But there were too many cows there, grazing on the public forage. So I Drove on.

Mule deer buck in velvet, Elk Ridge.
The deer were quite relaxed, mostly. They can feel when it's legal hunting season. Which it was not then.

Sunrise colors from camp.
I decided upon a campsite and settled in. Serenity in the forest.

 Photo location: San Juan County, southeast Utah.

© Copyright 2016 Stephen J. Krieg

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